The Sensitive Lash Extension Adhesive had a bond-time of 1,5 seconds and has a retention of 2-3 weeks! Is it odorless and is low-vapor. This adhesive is suitable for Classic and Volume Lashing.

Before use, shake the bottle for 1 minute. Place 1 drop of lash adhesive to your glue pallette each time.

May irritate the respiratory tract. Danger of cyanoacrylates! bonds skin and eyelids together within seconds. Keep out of reach of children. Read the label if medical advice is needed. Have the packaging or label read. Use only outdoors or in well-ventilated areas. Leave the packaging closed. Dispose of contents / container to an approved waste disposal company.


The Sensitive has high bonding capacity and high elasticity. It is perfect for beginners and for sensitive clients. The glue is odorless and doesn’t evaporate, giving the client and the lash artist a great lashing experience!
The glue has a bonding time of 1.5 seconds and works best in between 20 and 27ºc. It also has a durability of 2-3 weeks and is suitable for the 1:1 and volume techniques.

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