The Paris Foam Shampoo lash cleanser is perfect for all lash artists and lashing clients! It gets rid of dirt and bacteria that can get stuck between the lashes. The Paris Foam Shampoo has the same PH-value as the skin. It can also be used for your daily cleansing or skin-care routine.

Aplly one pump of Paris Foam onto a cleanser brush or onto the finger tips and gently massage into the eyelash extensions and eyelid, rinse with water and pat dry.

Keep out of reach of children.

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A Must-Have product for both lash artists and clients alike! Lash Extensions make it easier for dirt and bacteria to get stuck between the lashes. That’s why proper cleansing of the eyes is so important. With the Paris Foam Shampoo lash cleanser you can prevent any dirt or bacteria building. It can be used before appointments and on a daily basis as aftercare to keep the lashes clean and healthy.
Simply apply a small amount of the foam onto a cleansing brush and rub it into the eye area. Rinse with water to remove all traces of soap.

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