About us

Lash Paris CEO

Meet Yazmin our founder and CEO. A passionate and determined woman who has managed her way up to position Lash Paris as one of the top leading brands in the lash industry. This well known and respected lash artist with more than 10 years of experience involves herself 100% in the process of creating all of our products and personally training each of our students. Her mission is to lead women to the top by giving her own knowledge and experience acquire over the years.

“I am not here to compete with you. I am here to empower you and lead you to the top. If that makes you better than me I have done a great job” -Yazmin Held


Yazmin Lashes

Yazmin is the luxury label of Lash Paris. At the forefront of new trends Yazmin set and methods are focused on our LPdolls and their lifestyle. Created by lash techs with more than 10 years of experience we bring to the table the ultimate techniques and tools to lash yourself like a lash tech while traveling, being at home or just living life.

Yazmin – lash yourself like a pro is our newest product. An easy two steps set that will give you the full lash extension look in less than 10 min. No sticky mascaras, no conventional strip lashes that only last one day. This is a revolutionary game changer in the lash industry.

Even if you are full volumen boss, a wispy queen or a natural doll this set has everything covered for you in just TWO step. Check our video to see how it works.


Lash Paris academy is a prestigious academy that has instructed and trained more than 450 women and men to become professional lash artists all over the world.

With the finest education and closely following the learning process of each student we offer in-person and online courses for all the lash styles, tecniques and trends. With or without experience we can teach you all the skills from scratch. We will guide you step by step to become the lash artist of your dreams and start your professional journey in this beautiful industry.

We do not only offer lash certification courses, we prepare you to open your own business and become your own boss by giving you tools and guidance on how to start your business, costumer service, network marketing, how to effectively reach your target and start making money like a lash boss.




The lashes are faux mink, ensuring that they're cruelty-free and vegan!


The Yazmin Collection products have been dermatologically tested and approved.


Great for clients with sensitive eyes